Save on Gas, Ride A Motorcycle!

save gas, ride a motorcycle

As you may or may not know, gas taxes in Southern California gas prices are the second-highest in the country. With a $.42 tax on every gallon, plus a 2.25% state tax on top of that, you are looking to pay about $4 if not more per gallon. Think about how much money you put into your car or truck each year. Fueling up a car alone in California adds about $1700 to the family’s living expenses. What if you could significantly save on gas in California by riding a motorcycle? Well, you can!

Buy a Motorcycle, Save on Gas!

motorcycle speedometerThe average motorcycle holds between 6 & 7 gallons of gas. On average riding a motorcycle, you can get between 30 & 60 miles per gallon. Of course that all will depend on your driving habits. In most cases, that is significantly greater than the gas mileage of a car or truck. Now, of course, if you have small children, or are going on a family drive, a motorcycle would not be sufficient. But, when you are heading to work, or going on a solo mission, you can save on gas in California by owning a motorcycle.

Owning a Motorcycle in Southern California

One of the benefits of Southern California is that it is typically warm and dry all year long. This means you do not have to worry about wet or icy roads, allowing you to save on gas throughout the year. Take a moment and calculate your mileage, and just how much you are really spending on gas. The cost of buying a motorcycle, especially a pre-owned motorcycle in California will basically pay for itself in the first year or two.

Because we buy motorcycles for sale in southern California, we can point you in the right direction if you are interested in buying a used motorcycle. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we would love to help!

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