Motorcycles in Nevada

Motorcycles in Las Vegas Nevada

Are you looking for something fun to do before Fall begins? Well, Las Vegas, Nevada is a fun and somewhat close city to visit! Take a road trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the world-renowned nightlife, gambling, and shopping! But how can you get to Vegas on a bike? We have some of the best routes for you!

How Do You Get There?

Las Vegas

If you want to take the quickest path to Vegas from Los Angeles, you can take US-101 N to CA-210. Then, you drive on I-15 North to Las Vegas taking exit 41A. This will take you roughly 3 hours and 58 minutes.

If you want to take a more scenic route from LA, which will take roughly 4 hours and 36 minutes, you can get to US-101 North from N Broadway by turning left onto W Temple Stand and right onto N Grand Ave. Once you are on US-101 N, take I-5 N and CA-14 N to CA-122. Take exit 30 from CA-14 N to get onto CA-18 or I-15 N from CA-138 E. Then, follow I-15 N to Vegas. Take exit 41A to reach your destination. 

San Diego

If you want to fastest route from San Diego to Las Vegas, take CA-163 N to I-15 N, I-215 N, and I-15 N. Then take exit 41A from I-15 N to arrive.

If you want to enjoy more of a road trip, you can take the scenic route, adding approximately 57 minutes to your drive. Take CA-163 N to I-15 N, I-215 N, and I-10 E to Whitewater, California and take exit 117. Then, get on I-15 N in San Bernadino County. Afterward, follow I-15 N to Vegas.

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