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There’s nothing better to do in the summer than taking a long drive on the California highways on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You can enjoy the warm weather and California scenery while taking advantage of the smooth drive of the Harley. And for those of us that have the RG, SG, or Ultra models, we can drive the state highways in style! 

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Motorcycle Permits in California


Motorcycle Permits in CaliforniaIt is important to get the right motorcycle permits in California.

Motorcycle riders in California, benefit from some great weather all year long. When riding motorcycles in California, a rider should know his or her rights as far as the law is concerned.  A great website every motorcycle enthusiast should visit is American Motorcyclist. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) provides state laws as they pertain to certain states.

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Harley FLHX Street Glides Fetching Top Dollar

Harley FLHX Street Glides Fetching Top Dollar

The Harley FLHX Street Glide is a stylish bike with an old-school appeal.  Harley-Davidson has outdone itself when it comes to the FLHX.  In addition to the great look, it has a powerful engine and riding comfort that will keep you riding for days.

Harley FLHX Street Glide Is In High Demand

The FLHX Street Glide is one of the premier “bagger” bikes you can own. A bagger is when a motorcycle usually a cruiser, has a full set of saddlebags. Of course, the FLHX comes with a roomy set of saddlebags. As one of Harley-Davidsons best selling models, the Street Glide is always in high demand.

The engine in this model is a Milwaukee-Eight. A V-Twin air-cooled engine with plenty of power. The ride of the bike is plush and comfortable. Also, when it comes to building quality, this model is some of the best in the industry. Sturdy and reliable with a good look better than most.  When it comes to a long ride, the FLHX Street Glide handles the job well.

Selling Your Harley-Davidson Street Glide

There may come a time when you are ready to upgrade your Harley to a newer model. Instead of taking your old bike to a dealer where they will lowball you on trade-in price, sell to Sell Motorcycles For Cash.  We keep the whole process simple and hassle-free. To start, fill out our quote form right here.  Once we receive your submission, we will contact you with a fair price for your bike.

Once that is agreed on, we will issue a check and arrange the pickup of the motorcycle. It is just that simple. When it comes to selling your FLHX Street Glide, choose the best option, Sell Motorcycles For Cash! Finally, start your process today to get the cash you need to buy your new motorcycle by selling your old one.

How to Sell My Motorcycle for Cash in California


There are plenty of reasons why you may have thought to yourself, “I wonder how to sell my motorcycle for cash in California.” Maybe you are looking to purchase a newer model motorcycle or looking to put some extra cash in your pocket. Maybe you have decided that riding just isn’t for you anymore. Regardless of the reason in which you want to sell your motorcycle, we have a team ready to help you through every step of the way. Here is a simple guide on how to sell a motorcycle for cash in California.

“Where do I start when I decided to sell my motorcycle in California?” 

There are tons of ways to get started selling a motorcycle in California. You could simply walk into a motorcycle dealer and tell them you want to sell. Or, you could look for ways to get the most cash return. And believe us when we tell you, big-name motorcycle dealerships are not the way to get the most cash return. Let us help!

Although it is not necessary, because you can sell a motorcycle in any condition, to get the most cash return start with the simple things you can fix. Give your bike a nice wash and wax, and touch up places that may have chips or scratches in the paint. These type of things are cheap or of no cost to you, but can raise the appeal of your motorcycle. Next, take some photos and fill out an online quote form with them attached. Our team will get back to you and give you an offer on your bike.

You can sell motorcycles of any make or model, including custom motorcycles. We love to see people looking to sell a Yamaha motorcycle in California, or sell custom motorcycles that are unique to the rest. However, we do purchase other models as well such as Harley Davidson, Suzuki, or Honda. If you have any questions, contact us today and we will answer any questions that you may have.



The Beauty of a Yamaha Cruiser

The demand for purchasing motorcycles around the country is on the rise. Yamaha cruisers are at the top of the list when it comes to best selling motorcycles. If you are hanging onto one of these gems, now is the best time to get the most money back on your investment and sell your Yamaha cruiser. The spike of interest in Yamaha cruisers over the last year is causing more and more motorcycle enthusiasts to buy. First time motorcycles are looking to used motorcycles to “get their feet wet” in the motorcycle life. The following Yamaha motorcycles are selling fast, and are in high demand:

yamaha-cruiserYamaha Bolt R-Spec

Resale Value: $6,900- $8,300

Depending on the year and condition of your used Yamaha Bolt R- Spec you may be able to get up to $8,300! The standout point of this model is the old school mechanical look it has. It is simple and compact yet highlights all the internal components. This is a major appeal factor for old school riders, or those who are drawn to the mechanical elements of a cruiser.

100-HP Yamaha Road Star

Resale Value: $5,000- $7,000

Selling a 2006, 2007, or 2008 Yamaha Road Star can get you quite a bit of return. Yamaha Road Star, also referred to as the Yamaha Wild Star or Yamaha XV1600A. This high end v-twin motorcycle is one of the top choices for new motorcycle owners due to it’s smooth cruising and easy manageability.

Yamaha Virago XV920 Alpha

Resale Value: $2,000 – $4,000

Also known as the “YamaDuci”, the Virago was the first type of V-Twin cruiser Yamaha came out with. The Virago XV920 Alpha is a redesign of the classic 80’s Virago style. Still, the simple and open design is one of the most popular models today. If you have one of these gems, chances are you can get a resale value of up to $4,000.

Best Time to Sell a Yamaha is Now!

Now is the perfect time to sell your Yamaha cruiser. With manufacturers productions at nearly a halt due to shortages because of the pandemic, and the high demand for motorcycles. Many who are looking to purchase a new bike quickly have no choice but to look for high quality used motorcycles. As a seller, with the demand being so high, now, more than every you can sell your used Yamaha cruisers for top dollar. If you really want to increase your return on investment when selling your Yamaha cruiser, we have tips on how to increase the value of your motorcycle.

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