Indian Scout Models in Southern California

Indian ScoutsCalifornia is a great state to drive a motorcycle through with its beautiful beaches and popular urban areas. In Southern California, you need a motorcycle that can handle urban roads and long-distance drives. That’s where Indian Scout models come in. Indian Scouts are the perfect motorcycles to cruise through cities, towns, and highways in comfort and style. Whether you want to sell your bike or make some money to save up for a new one, we want to help you. Sell your Indian motorcycles to Sell Motorcycles for Cash today! 

Best Indian Scout Models

Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber is one of the fastest Indian cruisers available on the market. This bike is typically made for urban riding with its impeccable braking system and ability to perform precise movements. The Bobber is not the most comfortable bike for long rides or distance driving due to its solo rider seat and upright position. If you want a mid-size bike that is fast and easy to handle, this cruiser is the one for you!

Scout Chief

The Scout Chief is an amazing cruiser and one of the most well-known in California. While the Chief is generally more expensive than the other Scout models, it’s for good reason. The Chief is made for long-distance riding with a comfortable sitting position, easy-grip handlebars, and extended fuel capacity. While the main goal of the Chief isn’t speed, this cruiser still packs a punch!

Scout Sixty

The Indian Scout Sixty is a great beginner bike. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, and reliable cruiser. Furthermore, this cruiser is great for urban riding and is capable of responding quickly to sudden changes. The Sixty is an amazing choice for smooth riding and acts as a great segue to more advanced bikes. 

Scout Rogue

Have you ever wanted to speed down the highway listening to Luke Combs and feeling the power of your cruiser? The Indian Scout Rogue is the perfect bike to do this and is definitely Where The Wild Things Are! The Rogue is similar to a Harley Davidson cruiser in terms of power and speed. However, the Indian Rogue has many benefits that classic Harley cruisers don’t. The Rogue overcomes the issues that come with Harleys, has a more modern style, and is much cheaper!

All of these models are designed for cruising and leisurely riding. Like most cruisers, these models have classic styling and sleek designs that turn heads throughout the state. Contact us and get a free quote today to see what we can do with your Indian Scout model!