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Save on Gas, Ride A Motorcycle!

save gas, ride a motorcycle

As you may or may not know, gas taxes in Southern California gas prices are the second-highest in the country. With a $.42 tax on every gallon, plus a 2.25% state tax on top of that, you are looking to pay about $4 if not more per gallon. Think about how much money you put into your car or truck each year. Fueling up a car alone in California adds about $1700 to the family’s living expenses. What if you could significantly save on gas in California by riding a motorcycle? Well, you can!

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Motorcycles in California


Motorcycles in CaliforniaMotorcycle riders in California, benefit from some great weather all year long. When riding motorcycles in California, a rider should know his or her rights as far as the law is concerned.  A great website every motorcycle enthusiast should visit is American Motorcyclist. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) provides state laws as they pertain to certain states.

For a list of California state laws for motorcycle riders visit the AMA.  Some laws motorcycle riders in California are, muffler requirements, lane splitting, eye wear and much more. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know the law.

But of course if you do not have your motorcycle license you will not be cruising the scenic roads of California. Before you get a license you will need to obtain a learners permit and have the permit for up to six months before you test for your license. To get a learners permit for the state of California follow these steps:

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