Selling Your Motorcycle in Bakersfield?

Hello Bakersfield!

Selling Your Motorcycle in Bakersfield

We know you guys have it tough out there, you get to experience the extremes that California has to offer. Mega heat in the summer, chilly in the winter, and living the hard rural life is something you’re probably familiar with. Even though you guys get some end of the stick, you can still enjoy all that California has to offer. 2 hours from the beach, 1 hour to the mountains, and if you’re feeling rowdy it’s only 2 hours to L.A., which is pretty sweet deal! For all the avid motorcyclists this is great, you get to get out and see what Southern California has to offer in terms of riding. Major highways around, great cruising routes, and a motorcycle culture that is alive and well.  We just hope your bike can keep up with the rest of the crowd!


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