5 Of The Best Riding Routes In Southern California

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Traveling on a motorcycle can be a highlight of your life

When was the last time you went on a road trip? We aren’t talking about a trip to a hotel, but a trip to get some open road? The feel of the open air around you and the freedom that only a bike can give you. Miss this feeling or want to experience it for the first time?  Are you asking your self  “Where should I go” or “Where do I start”? Well we can help.

Lets start with your bike. Are you wanting to purchase your first bike or in need of a something new? If you need an upgrade your ride or want to sell your current model, we can help you. Sell Motorcycles for Cash has been in the business of buying and selling motorcycles for decades and we know how much of a hassle it can be. We try to make is as painless as possible for you to buy or sell your bike, just fill out our free quote form and we will respond in a with a fair offer in a timely manner. We want to get you on the road on a new or gently used bike so you can experience some of our favorite riding spots in Southern California.


Once you have that settled, it’s time for your adventure. We’ve compiled a list of  different routes to share with you that offer great views and even better roads. Over the coming weeks we will share with you some of the best motorcycle routes in Southern California. The first route is The Lost Highway.


The Lost Highway 58 – Bakersfield to San Luis Opisbo

Highway 58

Highway 58

Length: 90 Miles

What Its Like: You’ll have to go about a dozen miles or so west of Bakersfield to hit Hwy 58, but once you hit it… its a wild ride all the way to the coast. You’ll experience hills, canyons, twists and turns, but you better fill up in Bakersfield ‘cause that is the last stop till San Luis Obispo.

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