California Route For Motorcycle Buyers


Motorcycle Buyers Free QuoteAre you looking for motorcycle routes in California? State Route 4 through Sacramento Valley is a scenic route that any motorcycle buyer would enjoy.  The perfect time to take this route is late spring to early fall when most of the lakes or parks still have nice weather. The pavement of this route is very smooth and does not have many sharp turns or  twists. Motorcycle buyers in California also all agree that this route is great for cutting through the mountain.

What to know and expect for Motorcycle Buyers and Riders:

Before you get to the high sierra, the highway will only be two lanes for about 80 miles for motorcycle buyers in California. In the high sierra’s, the road gets really narrow or windy. From Angles Camp  to Lake Alpine, the road becomes very scenic for motorcycle buyers in California.

Places that are scenic for motorcycle buyers include Emigrant Wilderness or the Mosquito Lake. Emigrant Wilderness is a wilderness area in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has numerous lakes , meadows, or patches of vegetation that would be very beautiful to any motorcycle buyer in California. It is beautiful and traveling on Route 4 will take you above the tree lines.  Another must see on this route is the Mosquito Lake. If you are tired or need a break you could stop at  the Mosquito Lakes campground. Located inside of the Stainislus National Forest for motorcycle buyers in California.

Stainislus National Forest covers several cities in California such as Sonora, Mi-Wuk Village, Pinecrest, Hathaway Pines,or Groveland that motorcycles can travel within the park if you wanted to venture off the trail. Another biker destination on State Route 4 is Murphy’s Historical Hotel. This hotel is a national historic landmark located in Calaveras County. There is also many things to do for motorcycle buyers in California. Things such as wine tastings, golf, river rafting, or art galleries near Murphy’s Hotel.

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